On Site Professional Development

“Tanya is very supportive, very creative, and because of these things, very engaging.”

 “Dr. Merriman has had a profound effect on me throughout my career. I was impressed by her knowledge and passion for education. She understands that the struggle of education is not an easy one, but one that we must live out with persistence and love. I witnessed her be kind, helpful, and inspiring to her students.”

Dr. Merriman is available for keynote presentations at conferences and trainings at schools, communities, businesses, etc., for half- and full-day events.  She is available to create customized workshops/ trainings for your school or organization on cultural competence, social justice and SRC teaching, art & museum education, TESOL & ELL, and building a reflective teaching community.  Please contact her at 312.622.3256 or thosewhocan@thosewhocan.net