A Amazing is a history of how we learned on Sesame Street.  In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the show in 2019, A Amazing will explore how Sesame Street taught literacy, numeracy, cultural competency, critical thinking and so much more to millions of children around the world.




Walking Distance   By some measures we are more divided as a nation than ever before; by some measures we have made extraordinary progress in social and political equity.  By some measures we are more connected than ever thought possible; by some measures we are living in two different information and ideological universes.  What if, instead of fighting against one another we change the way we frame the questions?  Who are you?  Who are the people on the other side of the battle lines?  What motivates you? What motivates them?  Where are you getting your information?  How are you shaping your views?  How are they?  As a biracial person, you often have to live on both sides of this line.  You have to live a more examined life because you are not automatically afforded the comfort of one side.  Being born biracial affords you the privilege of seeing things from different sides and different points of view.  For better or worse, this panoramic approach is just what we may need right now.  Walking Distance looks at issues or identity, inequality, and division through new lenses and seeks not exactly to cut things in half, but to find a revolution in the center.  Is it possible we are all really just walking distance from one another?